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This special edition of my Ultimate Body Transformation gives you the chance to get paid to walk! All you have to do is average 10,000 steps a day in September. So, what are you waiting for!? Sign up today! 🙌

Transformations Designed By Women, For Women.

Gym + At Home Options Available

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Life Changing Programme

Ultimate Body Transformation

Everything You Need To Transform, In One Place


✓ Weight training customized to your specific goals

✓ Custom Meal Plan (updated fortnightly)

✓ Gym, Weighted Home, and Bodyweight Workouts

✓ Private Members Only Community

✓ Monthly Live Calls With Anjuli

Join 1,000's Of Women Who've Transformed With Anjuli!

Everything You Need To Transform, In One Place


✓ Weight training customized to your specific goals

✓ Custom Meal Plan (updated monthly)

✓ Gym, Home, and Bodyweight Workouts

✓ Private Members Only Anjuli Fit Squad Group

✓ Monthly Live Calls With Anjuli

✓ 7-DAY Money Back Guarantee

A Programme That Gets You Results

“I feel great already, I have improved my time management (going to the gym every morning) and eating is not a problem anymore.

Before I just felt guilty for everything that I eat, as a result I finished eating more (of not healthy food).

Plus I have to add that I feel really happy about the changes in my body and my strength and resistance have also improved. I’m so so grateful about this community and the support of Anjuli Mack and all of you!!!”

- Cindy Palencia

About Anjuli Mack

Your Online Personal Trainer

Proof that the diets were not working for me at all!

AND...Proof that MAJOR change is possible! YAY!

Starting my fitness journey alone was tough. None of the quick fixes worked for me, leading to frustration and isolation. I longed for guidance and support from other women in the gym but couldn't find any.

Determined to transform my body and become the confident, fit woman I admired, I saw other women achieving amazing results. I knew I had to make it happen for myself. Through trial and error, I discovered the perfect combination of diet and workouts to achieve my desired body.

Now, my passion is helping women like you start their fitness journey with confidence. I've been where you are and I want to provide you with the knowledge and support you need right from the start.

Together, let's make your dream of feeling happy, healthy, and confident a reality.

“HOLY COW...That’s a lot of stuff!”

Yup, sure is.

You’ll be pumped, literally and figuratively, by the clear picture you get of exactly what to eat and what to do in the gym each day to reach your personal goals in the shortest possible time.

And, here’s maybe the best part...this isn’t a “here you go, see you later” typical deal. I’m with you every step of the way, and you have the WHOLE Squad of girls with you in the private Facebook group sharing their challenges, experiences, and healthy support.

It’s weeks of dramatically leveling you up to your ideal lifestyle with healthy eating habits and a results driven workout program.


“Hey girl!”

That's me...Anjuli, and this is my story.

You just might relate to it AND be inspired by it.

My journey to fitness started back in 2014...and I felt soooo lost.

After a few years of training like a crazed woman while just eating whatever I liked, I finally got tired of not seeing the results I craved.

I'm guessing you probably know this feeling all too well too, right?

Well then...I confidently decided I should just change my nutrition!

I tried low carb...high-fat...low-fat...high-protein...and every other big promises diet you can think of...

I binged, over-trained and then under-ate...

Step It Up September Includes....

  • Everything in the Ultimate Body Transformation program PLUS...
  • The chance to win COLD, HARD CASH! 🤑
  • ​​Simply submit a photo proving you averaged 10,000 steps for the month of September to enter the giveaway
  • ​​Giveaway is at the end of September to keep you motivated and on track to crush your goals
  • Helps you take your step to become the BEST version of yourself
  • By walking more you can enjoy a huge boost of goodness when it comes to your health & fitness:
  • Improved concentration
  • Improved mood
  • A joint-friendly way of burning calories

“I never ever thought I would get a coach to help me, but Anjuli is so amazing.

I love everything she is about and how she is a fountain of knowledge.

She posts free workouts and meals on her Instagram, but I’m so excited to have her along on my journey to being the healthiest and happiest version of myself.”

- Sherri Gurule

“Since I started the program I’ve lost 7 pounds. I have had more energy and motivation since I started. I meal prep every week which makes it easy each day.

I love all the workouts and seeing your posts everyday. I can’t wait to keep going! Thank you.”


- Tanisha Lord

“I can promise you all that you’re going to have the best time living your new #FitWithAnjuli lifestyle!!!

I just completed my first 12-weeks with Anjuli and Ross and I’m now starting my next 12 weeks because this lifestyle is addictive.

I can’t put into words the multitude that this gorgeous couple have done for me. They’ve enhanced my life in every way.”

- Evangeline Matthews

“YES, you can be thrilled with your body AND keep it fit!”

And guess what? I have no doubt you deserve it!

I'm here for you to remind you that you deserve to feel good. You deserve to be healthy. You deserve to live a happy life.

Above ALL that...YOU deserve to see results!

If, like me, you’ve previously been disappointed after you’ve put intense effort and energy into your nutrition and exercise, isn’t it time YOU start seeing the benefits from all that work?

It IS possible for you to know EXACTLY how to fully leverage your time and energy - waking up every morning knowing what to eat, how much to eat, and (if it’s a workout day), precisely which exercises it’s time to do.

Now, before we get into the program that’s gonna shift EVERYTHING for you, let’s get a few things out of the way.

Annnd......Let's keep it real with NO B.S. Sound good? Good!


Your mindset is more important than the size on a tag or the numbers on a scale

Of course, probably like you, I always want to look and feel my absolute best so I can always do my absolute best.

And, yes, I do get caught up in the whole scary numbers on the scale ‘thing’ every once in a while too.

I promise you, what matters most is how YOU feel about yourself, the things YOU say to yourself in your head and how YOU believe you look.

Our mindset truly is our most powerful weapon in our fight against too much unsightly body fat.

We put so much energy into our nutrition, our cardio and gym routines...

we need to put as much (if not more) effort into the way we talk to ourselves.

Once your mindset changes, everything on the outside changes too!


Comparing yourself to other people, will NEVER help you... EVER!

The reality I see for people like you who come to me is that it is possible for you to achieve your goals.

Sadly, they see people online or at the gym and say, "I can never look like that. That’s them. I can’t look like them."

The secret is to not aim to look like anyone else.

Rather, aim to be the best version of you.

I see you as feeling happier, feeling healthier, sleeping better, having more energy, being more excited to work out every day.

This shouldn’t feel like a chore. You should feel grateful for the body you have and the ability to move like YOU can.

Bottom line? You do YOU, girl, and let everybody else do themselves!


Yes, you CAN eat ‘regular food’ like a ‘normal’ human being

I’m neither against any of the fad diets, nor am I saying they don’t work.

It’s just that...they’re unsustainable.

If you want long-lasting, true success with your nutrition, it’s vital you include a tasty variety of foods and make sure you’re eating enough of them.

I eat different foods daily. I love fish, fresh fruit, eggs, pancakes, french name it...I probably like it.

Heck, if you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably seen me posting what I eat all the time.

I not only eat a wide variety of tasty foods for excitement and pleasure, I also eat a variety of foods for their nutritional value.

On your fitness journey, I believe it’s best to eat foods you enjoy and give you fuel!

Who Doesn't Like EASY MONEY!?

5 individuals will win $50 in cash 💰💰💰


Step It Up September closes August 31st... and it only happens once a year! So, if you're on the fence, I'm here to tell you that your opportunity to join is almost gone... So go ahead and join today!

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Join me and the rest of the Fit Squad and let's get YOU started, today!”












Need help ordering or have questions?

Email my team:

Isn’t NOW finally the time to start taking the kind of care

of your mindset, health, and nutrition your body deserves?”

YES! It’s TODAY. Right here. Right NOW.

You might’ve said you’ll start “next Monday,” “next month,” or maybe even “next year” a time or two before, am I right?

Well, next year is here now.

And, a year from now, you’ll be glad you started today, won't you?

Happiness is an inside job, and you must be the one to decide to take action and put the work in.

If you’ll join me and the rest of The Squad, I’ll be here for you... encourage you on your journey live your best life appreciate your body for more than just its physical aspects inspire you to work out right & choose foods that nourish you spread positivity keep it real educate and, of course, to share my fitness journey with you.





  •  IF you’re ready to shed some weight, tone-up and do it the HEALTHY, sustainable way... 
  • ​​IF you want a personalized meal plan that keeps you satisfied, and is tailor-made for your personal goals... 
  • ​​IF you feel like you need a firm, timely nudge to succeed (with love, of course) from Anjuli and the Facebook Fit Squad in your corner giving you loads of support and encouragement...
  • ​​IF you’re ready to embrace this as a change in lifestyle, not a change in diet...
  • ​IF you want to STOP using diets that never feed you enough, and break the cycle of eating healthy one week, only to spiral off your diet after a weekend of binge eating...
  • ​​IF you’re uncertain in the gym and would like a personalized program that includes easy to follow step-by-step how-to videos... 
  • ​​IF you struggle to find balance while still achieving your goals

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